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How Can I Add My Cards to a Mobile Wallet?

Lighten your load. No need for heavy purses and bulky wallets in the 21st century. Nowadays, if you have a phone, you have total access to your money. Mobile wallet apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay are completely free and easy to sign up for. All you need to know is your credit and/or debit card number and CVV code. Read this blog and watch our video to learn how to add your cards to a digital wallet. 

Banking Tools
Going Green with Online Banking

When grocery shopping and booking a hotel can be done from your living room couch, banking has also advanced its technology to be just as convenient and beneficial to the environment. Digital banking has grown greener with each technical advancement...

Banking Tools
The Benefits of Mobile Banking

Safe Online Banking with the FCU App! Today, 91% of Americans have cellphones and 61% of them have smartphones, which means over half of the population has a computer in their pocket more powerful…

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