Financial Wellness

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Financial Wellness Tools

Manage your accounts with the Financial Wellness tool, part of FCU Anywhere Online and Mobile Banking. Budget and save smarter using this resource.


How to Set Up a Budget

View our Budget Quick Start Guide (Online Banking) for details.


How to Edit Transaction Descriptions and Categories

To help you easily view and analyze your accounts, each transaction in the Financial Wellness tool contains a transaction description and is also assigned a category. 

Transaction description - provides details about the individual transaction.  The transaction description in the sample transaction below is: Payment to Clay Electric.

Category - defines the type of transaction which has occurred. The category in the sample transaction below is: Utilities  


These labels are designed to help keep your money organized. To learn more about Transaction Descriptions and Categories:

View our Transaction Descriptions and Categories Guide (Online Banking)


How to Set Up a Savings Goal

Create savings goals for the things you want most with the Savings Goal tab in the Financial Wellness tool.

Simply title your goal, enter the amount of your goal and set a target date for completion.

How to Meet your Savings Goal 

To meet your goal, fund your savings account at the monthly average calculated by the widget.

Then, watch your progress circle fill up and your goal percentage increase over time!

View a demonstration of the Savings Goal tab.