It's easier than ever to switch your account!

Easily switch your checking account, recurring payments, and direct deposits from one financial institution to another. With ClickSWITCH®, account information is transferred instantly. It's fully automated, convenient and takes as little as 10 minutes. With ClickSWITCH®, you can:

  • Transfer direct deposits from your employer or another source
  • Securely transfer recurring payments like utilities, car payments, mortgage payments and credit card payments
  • Notify auto-debit payees of your new account information
  • Close the account at your prior institution
  • Receive real-time switch confirmation

How Do I Get Started with ClickSWITCH®?

You do not need a Track Code when you get started within FCU Anywhere. After logging in to Online Mobile banking, select New Account Switch Kit under the Tools menu.  It is a single sign on, so it auto enrolls and no switch code is needed.

If you already have your ClickSWITCH® Track Code, login to ClickSWITCH® here.

If you do not have your ClickSWITCH® Track Code, call us at 800-877-4141 or stop by your local branch to transfer your account to Florida Credit Union today!

ClickSWITCH® Instructions:

  1. Login to your ClickSWITCH® account
  2. Notify auto-debit payees of the new account information and update their billing information (utilities, insurance, memberships, etc.)
  3. Transfer direct deposits to your FCU account
  4. Close prior external account(s)

You can obtain support from ClickSWITCH® by calling 866-410-6761, option 2.