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Use your Florida Credit Union (FCU) Visa® debit or ATM card to withdraw funds fee-free at any of the 13 Florida Credit Union ATMs or Publix Super Market-affiliated Presto! network ATMs.

Your FCU membership also connects you to the Pulse Network, which has 400,000 ATMs nationwide. Under our rebate program, most ATM fees will be refunded.1

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ATM transactions include cash and check deposits, as well as withdrawals from savings, checking, or lines of credit.  You can also make transfers between these accounts. Finally, you can withdraw cash from your credit card, if you have a PIN.  It is considered a cash advance.

ATM Rebate Program

FCU offers an ATM rebate program. This program allows you to access your money at any nationwide ATM and we'll refund the fees you pay┬╣.


Yes, checks and cash can be deposited at any FCU ATM.
No, coins are not accepted for deposit at our ATMs. Members will need to visit a branch to make coin deposits.
There are ATMs at each Florida Credit Union branch, as well as a free-standing ATM located at 1122 NE 16th Avenue, Gainesville, Florida 32601. You can also use ATMs at any of the Publix Super Market-affiliated Presto! network ATMs. With the Pulse Network, you have access to 400,000 ATMs nationwide.
ATM deposits are isolated to FCU debit and ATM cards only. Each card must be approved for ATM deposits by speaking with on of our member service representatives.
While our ATMs do not have a withdrawal limit, all FCU cards (ATM, debit and credit) are subject to a daily limit of $515.00


1. Offer good on all Florida Credit Union Checking and Savings accounts. Transactions must be made in the United States, and not valid on cruise ships, casinos and international transactions. Must submit receipts within 90 days of surcharge for rebate to be processed. FCU transaction fees may apply. Receipts can be mailed to: P.O. Box 5549, Gainesville, FL 32627; please include account owner's full name with receipt(s).