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Taking a Trip Outside the United States?

Travel notifications help us guard against fraud.

That trip you've planned sounds spectacular. But when you arrive overseas, you'll need a way to pay for those great meals, guided tours and neat souvenirs. If you plan to use debit cards and credit cards, please alert the appropriate financial institutions in advance as to where you're going and when. That way, they'll know those purchases made in Panama, Paris or Pretoria were made by you and not some scammer. Fill out our International Travel Form below:  

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Take note of high-risk countries

Unfortunately, fraud risks are greater in some places than others. Florida Credit Union automatically blocks transactions that take place in certain countries.

  • Over 40 countries are currently automatically blocked. Review the complete list.
  • The countries change on a regular basis based on patterns of fraud. So consult the list each time you make travel plans.
  • If the country or countries you plan to visit are on this list, FCU can unblock them for you for the duration of your visit.