Online Bill Pay

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Make Bill Pay a Fast Task

Simple. Reliable. Safe.

Securely pay all your bills electronically using our free FCU Anywhere Bill Pay service. Simply enroll, set up desired payees and begin making payments.

  • Completely free with no payee limitations
  • Schedule automatic and recurring payments
  • View detailed billing statements with eBills (select payees)
  • Most payments credited to payee within 2 business days
  • Edit or cancel scheduled payments
  • Set up payment alerts
  • Person-to-person transfers available with Pay A Person

Get Started with Bill Pay

1. Login

Make sure you’re registered for online banking before using Online Bill Pay.

2. Locate Bill Pay

From the mobile app select ‘Bill Pay’  or if using a browser select 'Bill pay with eBills' from the 'Transfer & Pay' menu.

3. Accept

Accept the disclosure.

4. Security Questions

Set up security questions to protect your account.

5. Finish

Make sure you’re registered for online banking before using Online Bill Pay.

Bill Pay FAQs

While FCU’s Bill Pay is a free service for FCU members, fees may apply for expedited payments.
Online Bill Pay allows users to schedule bill payments. As long as there are available funds in your FCU checking account, your account will be automatically debited for the bills you select to be paid.
FCU uses the latest in advanced technology to protect your account information through layers of security (You can review our Privacy Policy for more information). Please make sure your browser is updated to the latest version to ensure online Bill Pay services run as intended.
To enroll in eBills, you must have an online relationship with the payee ahead of time.
  • Use the Bill Pay with eBills option in FCU Anywhere to set up eBills
  • Go to the Payments tab
    • If a payee is eligible to be enrolled in eBills, a Set up eBill icon for the Payee will be available in the eBill Connect list
  • Select the Set up eBill icon, then enter your login information for the payee’s home site
    • This information connects your billing account with the payee to your online banking account in FCU Anywhere
Watch a demonstration on how to set up eBills.
Use the Bill Pay with eBills widget in FCU Anywhere to set up Pay A Person.

Go to the Pay a Person tab. Choose your preferred method to send funds from the options available. Input the payee information and choose Next.

Payments sent by text will require you to create a keyword for your payee. You should share this keyword with your payee as soon as possible. Your payee will use the keyword to access a secure site where they will enter their account information. 

For security purposes, a one-time activation code is required to schedule any payments.  We will call you at the number you select. To prompt the system, please say “Hello” when you answer the call.

Once you have entered your activation code, you will be able to submit your payment.  The funds will be sent once your payee completes the setup process.
Payments may be sent either way. This is contingent upon the relationship between our bill pay provider and the merchant. 

If you have a payment that is sent as a check, please let us know and we will see if an electronic payment can be made.
The minimum amount is $1.00.
The funds should post to the merchant by the Deliver By Date. When scheduling a payment, the system will indicate whether we are able to send an electronic payment or if we need to mail a check to the merchant. Electronic payments will typically debit your account on the Deliver By Date as long as you initiate the payment by 3 p.m. on the previous business day. Checks will take longer since they are sent via USPS and posted manually by the merchant.
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