The Benefits of Contactless Cards

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By: FCU Team

Contactless payment methods have been all the rage recently and we’re happy to report that Florida Credit Union is joining in on the fun!

What Are Contactless Cards?

A contactless credit/debit card is similar in form and function to a normal card. The main difference is that you can “tap” your card to make your purchase instead of inserting/swiping at contactless enabled merchants. You should find the contactless symbol below on your card, signifying that it’s a contactless card. If you see the same symbol at a store or restaurant, you can rest easy knowing you can use the contactless option. If the merchant doesn’t accept contactless payments, no problem! Your card still functions like any other card would, so swipe/insert away. The number of merchants enabled for contactless transactions continues to grow rapidly, with businesses, from big box chain stores to your local mom-and-pop restaurants and stores, adopting the new payment method.

How to Use Your Contactless Card

Although use of contactless cards is usually called “tap to pay”, actual tapping is not necessary. When prompted to pay, hold the contactless card 1-2 inches over the contactless symbol for 1-2 seconds. This 1-2 inch requirement ensures that you can’t pay for anything accidentally; you’ll only pay when you mean to pay. Checkout terminals can sometimes be different, but you’ll typically want to hold the card as flat as possible over the contactless symbol. You've also got the option of adding your Visa card to a payment-enabled cell phone and use your phone to make payments in the exact same way!

On a successful reading, you’ll see a confirmation, like a checkmark or light, on the terminal. It’s that easy! View a quick demonstration here.

Benefits of Contactless Payments

Safe and Easy

As we saw during the COVID-19 pandemic and will likely continue to experience, the ability to keep your card to yourself and avoid handing it off to others means you control every aspect of the payment experience – reducing the need to touch public surfaces. Paying is also made easier, as all you need to do is tap your card to pay. Each contactless card has an antennae around the card’s perimeter that is connected to the chip. Once the antennae makes contact with the checkout terminal, the payment is sent for authorization.


Each contactless card also brings EMV chip technology, meaning each transaction generates a one-time code that is only used for that purchase. As the antennae is connected to the chip, you’re afforded the same level of protection as you’re used to. You can rest easy knowing each of your payments is safe!

Your Favorite Businesses Benefit Too

Beyond just the benefits that a contactless card can offer you, your favorite businesses also win when you go contactless. Because contactless is a quicker payment method than cash and regular cards, businesses can process customer payments faster. This means better service and customer experiences.

Going Contactless

If you’re ready to go the contactless route, we’re more than happy to oblige! All Florida Credit Union members have to do is give us a call at 1-800-284-1144 or visit a branch and we can mail a contactless debit or credit card. New members with a checking account or credit card are eligible for a contactless card as well, and we can mail a card out at account opening. What’s more, our cards have recently been updated with some new, spiffy designs. New functionality, new look, same great service!