How To Bank Safely Using A Mobile App

Personal Banking


By: FCU Team

Phones are everywhere, from your pocket and your hands to your car, desk, and bedside table. It seems that everyone is glued to their devices, and it makes sense why they would be. Smartphones have become like full-blown computers that are small enough to carry around.

Access to the Internet makes it possible to communicate with people through all forms of social media, research, TV viewing, and, of course, banking.  

Today, 91% of Americans have cellphones and 61% of them have smartphones, which means over half of the population has a computer in their pocket more powerful than anything that was available 10 years ago.

Most use this powerful machine for posting selfies, tweeting and playing games. 

But if you'd like to use your smartphone or your tablet for more sophisticated purposes, plus add a ton of convenience and peace of mind to your life, consider mobile banking, like with the FCU Anywhere App! With a couple of taps, you can access a whole suite of financial information, including your savings accounts, checking accounts and other financial services. We've compiled three reasons why mobile banking apps, like FCU's easy-to-use app, can help save you time and money.

1. Say Goodbye to Security Woes

Banking in a parkMobile banking is a secure and safe way to access your financial information. Data transmitted from your cellphone to your provider is heavily encrypted, mobile banking passwords usually aren't stored on the device, and if you lose your phone, it can be remotely deactivated. Plus, it's extremely hard for mobile device platforms to be breached. Plurality of platforms means hackers have very little incentive to dedicate time toward trying to compromise mobile banking platforms since there's less possibility of large scale attacks.

2. You Can Check Your Balance Any Time

Long gone are the days when you had to wait for your statement to check your savings or checking account balance. Now, you can avoid costly mistakes like over-drafting your account, prevent errors like accidental duplicate payments, and stay vigilant against illegal account access any time you've got your phone and a spare few seconds. This is one of the greatest benefits to mobile banking!

3. 24-Hour-a-Day Instant Access

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night in a panic because you can't remember if you paid your electric bill? Are money worries preventing you from enjoying your vacation? Don't stress - use a mobile banking app to check your balance and transaction history, see if your monthly bills have cleared or make sure your balance is safe. You can do all this any time you've got your phone, day or night.

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