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As a homeowner, you're in a great position to use the hard-earned value from the equity you've established.

If you could use some additional funds, a home equity line of credit may be a good option for you. This revolving line of credit allows you to apply for only one loan, yet experience the flexibility to borrow again and again. You pay interest only on the amount borrowed. In addition, enjoy purchasing convenience when linking your home equity line of credit to a Visa® credit card! Plus, since HELOCs have an interest rate typically lower than credit cards or personal loans, they are a great way to consolidate debt into one manageable payment. Ask us how!

For a limited time only, receive:
5.99% APR¹ for the first 6 months

Afterwards, rates as low as: 8.50% APR¹
Minimum $10,000

On top of a great rate, take advantage of:

- No closing costs for loans $10,000 or more!²

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Home Equity Loan and Line of Credit Calculators


1. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Your rate may be higher based on your credit worthiness and property val¬uation. Minimum loan amount $10,000. No closing costs with $10,000 min¬imum loan amount. Title insurance for loans $250,000 and greater paid by member. Rate quoted is as of 07/27/2023, based on a HELOC with a 10-year draw period, 20-year repayment period and a Loan-to-Value (LTV) up to 80%. The HELOC rate is a variable rate and is based on Wall Street Journal Prime. Minimum APR 8.50% - Maximum APR 12.00%. For example, a $25,000 10-year Home Equity Line of Credit with an 8.50% interest rate and an 80% Loan-to- Value (LTV) will have an APR of 8.500%, 120 payments of $309.96; total finance charges of $12,195.71 for a total payment of $37,195.71. Rates will be no less than Florida Credit Union’s minimum interest rate. This discount promotion cannot be combined with other Florida Credit Union promotions. Limited time offer and subject to change without notice. 

2. No closing costs with $10,000 minimum loan amount. Title insurance for loans $250,000 and greater paid by member. 

3. The calculators found on this page are for information purposes only. While the results of the calculators may be generally accurate, the results do not reflect any specific Credit Union accounts, loans or other products or services and may not exactly match the calculation methods used by the Credit Union (or any third party) for accounts, loans or other products or services. These calculators should be used only for general informational purposes and should not be relied on for any specific transaction.