Four Ways to Practice ATM Safety

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By: FCU Team

Picture this: your favorite restaurant just went cashless, but can’t remember the last time you held physical money in your hands. You can’t picture yourself making it through the week without having your favorite dish though, so you head out to the ATM to get some much needed cash. But are ATMs safe? If it’s been a while since you’ve visited the ATM, here are some tips you can use to stay safe when using an ATM!

Securing Your Information

The first step in account security starts at home. Keeping your ATM card with you and making sure your PIN is memorized and not written down are good first steps. If it’s been some time since you last used your PIN, call your financial institution and make the change to a PIN you’ll remember. It should go without saying you should keep this information to yourself; refrain from giving your card or PIN out, even to family members. If you’re an FCU member and you lose your card, don’t panic! FCU Anywhere users can take advantage of card controls.

•    Block your card. If you misplace your card but have an idea where it might be, you can freeze your card until you find it.
•    Report your card. If you can’t find your card, or think it might be stolen, you can mark it as such in FCU Anywhere, as well as request a new card, all from the app.

If you’d like your replacement card sooner, you can also visit your closest FCU branch.

Which ATM Should You Pick?

If you can afford to be picky, shoot for an ATM owned by your financial institution, or one you know is in their accepted ATM network. Not having to pay fees is a nice bonus!
FCU members get access to 14 FCU ATMs, all Publix Super Market-affiliated Presto! network ATMs, and the Pulse Network. All in all, you’re looking at over 400,000 ATMs worldwide! And under our rebate program, most ATM fees will be refunded. To find out more about FCU ATMs, visit our ATM locations page.

ATM Safeguards

As for the physical locations, make sure you’re using an ATM in a well-lit area. Even if it’s daytime, make sure to scan your surroundings and stay on alert – don’t dawdle! If you can, try to make ATM transactions with a friend or family member. Criminals will be less likely to target you if you aren’t by yourself. Last but not least, don’t forget your money, card, or receipt!

Be Aware of ATM Scams

While we preach going about your transaction quickly, take a moment to scan the machine. Does the keypad look normal? Are there any pieces misaligned? An oversized card slot? Scammers are not above using skimmers, devices attached to ATMs and other card-reading terminals (like those on gas pumps) to get access to your sensitive information. Do not disregard any suspicious feelings you may have, and don’t feel bad about leaving to use a different ATM.

You’re Ready to Withdraw

You should be ready to withdraw with these tips in mind! While digital security and safety are important, it’s equally as important to not neglect your physical security as well!