An Introduction to FCU Anywhere



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By: FCU Team

Florida Credit Union’s brand new online and mobile banking platform, FCU Anywhere, is launching on May 12th, 2020! Learn more about upcoming changes and features that are guaranteed to improve your online banking experience.


Logins Simplified

FCU Anywhere will change the way members access their accounts online, allowing users to access all of their accounts with a single login on mobile and web, as well as supporting separate logins for joint accounts. What’s more, users will be able to add their accounts at other financial institutions to help with tracking spending and budgeting. By simplifying the login process, we’re making sure members can quickly and easily get to their money when and wherever they need.

New Design and Layout

The first thing you’ll notice about FCU Anywhere is the brand new layout and design. Never fear, everything you’re used to will still be there, along with some new additions. Our new platform was designed with customization in mind, making it easier than ever for our members to get to the information they want, when they want.

Customize your FCU Anywhere dashboard by choosing which accounts and account details you’ll see upon log in. You can even choose a nickname, profile picture, and change the look of FCU Anywhere with one of 20+ available themes.

Introducing Widgets

Users will now have access to FCU Anywhere’s various features and functions through widgets (just a fancy word for tools) The first widget users will want to get familiar with is the Dashboard widget. This widget is fully customizable, both visually and functionally and will be the first screen users see each time they log in. Users have complete control, with the ability to change the visibility of accounts, access to statistical data like when members have logged in and the amount of times they’ve done so, and which widgets are prominently displayed.

Some other widgets include the Settings widget, where you can make profile changes and set notifications, and the Transfer widget, which will allow you to transfer funds between FCU accounts, make payments and transfer to other members and financial institutions. Widgets are the lifeblood of FCU Anywhere, and learning which are of most use to you is important!

Financial Wellness Tools

FCU Anywhere will introduce financial wellness tools geared towards helping members accomplish their financial goals. Two of these are the Budgets and Savings Goals widgets.




If you have trouble keeping track of income and expenses and need a little help getting your finances organized, this widget is perfect for you! Creating a budget in FCU Anywhere is simple. By listing out your income and your expenses in as detailed a way as possible (with a seemingly endless list of expense types), you can craft a budget catered to you.

Once you’ve listed everything out, creating the budget will show your total income and spending for the current month. What’s more, your budget will be tracked on a month-by-month basis, allowing you to see which areas you have under control and which categories could use improvement.

Savings Goals

Is there a purchase you’d love to make but you don’t have the money on hand? Save for it! With the Savings Goals widget it’s as easy as naming your goal, selecting a goal category and setting a target date for when you wish to complete it. A progress bar will keep you updated along your journey, showing you how much is left until you meet your goal. Using this widget along with Budgets will help set you up for financial success.


Once FCU Anywhere launches, we’re sure many members will have questions, and we’ve endeavored to make sure they have places to look for answers! The first of these  our FCU Anywhere information page. The page contains descriptions of features, important dates and frequently asked questions (FAQ). We’ve also developed an on-going series of FCU Anywhere tutorial videos that we will continue to post after the launch. You can find a playlist of them here, including a video dedicated to other ways to get into contact with us!