Fee Schedule


Florida Credit Union Fee Schedule

If you're interested in taking advantage of any Florida Credit Union personal, business or general services, keep in mind these fees will apply. Effective 4/1/2023. 

ATM Card Replacement$5.00
ATM Usage Fee (Unlimited with $2,500 on deposit)8 free per month, $1.00 thereafter
Minimum Balance Fee – Savings$5.00 | waived with a $300 combined deposit balance or active loan or checking
Paper Statement Fee$3/month or FREE with e-Statement
Excessive Days Negative$25/day after 15 calendar days negative
Bill Pay Next Day Payment$14.95
Bounce Free Protection Fee$35.00 per presentment
Loan Payment Chargeback Fee$15.00/per presentment | One (1) occurrence free per year
Check (Debit) Card Replacement (Damaged or Stolen)$10.00
Check (Debit) Card Replacement (Lost)


Check (Debit) Card Replacement Express/Priority Shipping$15.00
Check Cashing Fee (No Charge with $1,000 on deposit or loan)


Non-Member Check Cashing Fee$5/check
Check Copies (free through home banking)$5/copy
Check Printing (Ordering)$15 and Up (depending on checks selected)
Early Account Closure Fee (if closed within 6 months)$20.00
Excessive Savings Withdrawal Fee (No charge with $1,000 deposit)

2 free, $2.00 thereafter

Inactive Account Fee$15/month
Inactive Checking Fee$15/month
NSF Chargeback Fee$15.00/per presentment | One (1) occurrence free per year
NSF Fee (Insufficient Funds)$35.00/per presentment
P2P One (1) Day Delivery$5.00
P2P Request Funds$1.00
Research/Account Assistance$50/hour
Sales Draft Copy$5/item
Stop Payments$35.00
Temporary Checks$2/set of 4 checks
Transfer Fee (free with home banking)$5.00
Bad Address Fee$15/month
Cashier's Check$7/item
Coin Processing Fee7% of amount processed or free with membership
Deposit Verification$25.00
Foreign Item Collection Fee$5.00
Garnishments, Levies$100.00
History Printout$5/page
Wire Transfer, Incoming Domestic$15
Wire Transfer, Incoming International$35
Wire Transfer, Outgoing Domestic$25
Money Orders$7/item
POS TransactionsNo Charge
Replacement Check Fee$15.00
Safe Deposit Boxes

$35.00/per year - 3x5
$45.00/per year - 5x5
$55.00/per year - 3x10
$70.00/per year - 5x10
$90.00/per year - 10x10

Signature Guarantee$20.00
Statement Copies (free through home banking)$5/page
Wire Trace$25.00
Visa Gift Card$2.95
Check/Withdrawals225 free, $0.05 thereafter
Coin Request$0.10/roll
Currency Request$0.40/strap
Deposit Carriers10 free, $0.25 thereafter
Deposits225 free, $0.10 thereafter
Item Processing225 free, $0.05 thereafter
Night Deposit Key2 free, $5.00 thereafter
Strapped Cash Deposits$0.50 each
Wire Transfer, Outgoing International ($1,000 min)$50.00