Get the money you need to move forward, reduce stress or manage your debt.
  • Consolidate debt
  • Protect against overdrafts
  • Get advances on your paycheck
  • Easy application process

Life is full of unexpected expenses. Cars break down, appliances wear out and medical bills pile up. If you need support to achieve your financial goals, Florida Credit Union can help. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or something in between, FCU has a personal loan designed to ensure you’ll have the funds you need for the life you lead.

Florida Credit Union Loan Officers are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call your local FCU branch to get your loan application started. You can also learn more about FCU's personal loan options by reading our Loan Products Brochure.

Sometimes it's not just how much you owe, but how many creditors you need to pay. One way to reduce stress and save money is to consolidate all your high-interest loans and credit card debt into one lower-interest payment. Even if you don’t own a home or you have less-than-perfect credit, Florida Credit Union can help you get your finances under control with a Debt Consolidation Loan.

It can happen to anyone. You miscalculate your finances and your balance is running low. Don't worry, your Florida Credit Union free checking account is protected. A personal line of credit from FCU is an electronic account providing extra money to hold you over until payday. Used as overdraft protection, it kicks in automatically when you write a check or make a debit card purchase for more money than is in your account. Depending on your credit limit, you can even use it for larger purchases. Your personal line of credit account is linked to FCU's Online Banking, so you can transfer money to and from your account as you see fit.

Need money in a hurry? We can help you out even if your credit rating isn't perfect. No-­Hassle loans or Flash loans range from $1,000 to $3,000. Our interest rates are fair, and you can pay us back in affordable payments.

Running low on cash, but payday is still days away? Florida Credit Union can help. Early Check Advance® loans are affordable alternatives to high-cost payday loans. FCU members can receive paycheck advances of up to $500 at reasonable interest rates. Plus, you have until your next paycheck to repay the money.

If you have a loan from another financial institution, consider refinancing it at Florida Credit Union. We may be able to reduce your monthly payments or save a chunk of money over the long term with lower interest rates. It's even possible we can accomplish both, all in one package.

If something happens to you, your family will have plenty to worry about. Let us remove loan repayments from that list of concerns. Florida Credit Union offers a safety net designed to preserve the financial future of you and your loved ones. Our repayment protection plan makes loan payments in the event of disability or death of a covered member. For your convenience, your premium is included in your regular loan payment, so there’s no extra payment to make.

Your credit score is vital to your financial success, and Florida Credit Union is committed to getting you headed in the right direction. We offer free credit counseling to help you identify the best strategies for reducing debt, making on-time payments and enhancing your credit limits. The effort will pay off when a higher credit score gets you a better interest rate on your next mortgage, auto loan or credit card.


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