FCU Anywhere Online Banking

Convenient. Secure. Anywhere.

Manage your money, any time of the day or night with FCU Anywhere Online Banking. Pay bills, check balances, transfer funds, and more!  

  • Check account balances
  • Link external accounts and transfer funds
  • Schedule bill payments quickly with FCU's easy-to-use Online Bill Pay 
  • Set budgeting and savings goals
  • Receive account updates by email, text alerts and/or push notifications
  • Access your statements online with eStatements
  • Reorder checks

Signing up is easy and secure:

  • Choose the Login button on the homepage and then Register for Online Banking, or select the button below:

  • Accept the disclosure to begin registration
  • You will need your member number, social security number, birth date, and (email or zip code)
  • Set up a username and password
  • Follow the prompts to complete registration

Tip!  If you have a joint account, each member can have their own login.

Take care of bills quickly and conveniently with Online Bill Pay. Send one-time payments, schedule automatic recurring payments and send person to person payments with Pay a Person. Learn more about Online Bill Pay and Pay a Person.

Make payments to loans, transfer funds between your FCU accounts or to other FCU members, and even make transfers to other financial institutions on enabled accounts. Most transfers can be made in the Transfer widget.

How can I pay my FCU Loan (Mortgage & Credit Card Included)?

  • Internal FCU Account: Using FCU Anywhere Transfers you can select any of your FCU checking or savings account to pay towards a loan. Payment options will vary depending on Loan types. Change frequency to set up recurring transfer payments.
  • External Account: There are two ways to access the FCU Loan Payments portal that will allow you to make a payment with a Debit card or an External Bank Account:
    1. In FCU Anywhere, Pay Loan from Another Institution located in the Transfer & Pay menu and in Transfers will allow you to access the payment portal.
    2. From www.flcu.org, access the Make a Payment link at the top of the page. 

*Debit Card loan payments are subject to limits, other restrictions may apply.


How can I make Person to Person payments?

Send money to just about anyone using a cellphone number or email address with Pay a Person in FCU Anywhere*, located in the Bill Pay with Ebills widget.

*Online Banking and Bill Pay access required.

Manage your accounts with the Financial Wellness widget, part of FCU Anywhere Online Banking. The widget provides tools for saving and budgeting.


How to Set Up a Budget

View our Budget Quick Start Guide (Online Banking) for details.


How to Edit Transaction Descriptions and Categories

To help you easily view and analyze your accounts, each transaction in the Financial Wellness Widget contains a transaction description and is also assigned a category. The transaction description provides details about the individual transaction, while the category defines the type of transaction which has occured.  

For example, the Transaction Description for the sample transaction below is: Payment to Clay Electric.  The transaction's category description is: Utilities.

Description and Category Sample

These labels are designed to help keep your money organized. To learn more about Transaction Descriptions and Categories:


How to Set Up a Savings Goal

Create savings goals for the things you want most with the Savings Goal tab in the Financial Wellness widget

Simply title your goal, enter the amount of your goal and set a target date for completion.


To meet your goal, you will need to fund your savings account at the monthly average calculated by the widget.

Then, watch your progress circle fill up and your goal percentage increase over time!

View a demonstration of the Savings Goal tab below:

web part

Never miss important updates like notifications for eStatements, cleared checks, deposits, withdrawals, and more. You can even get notified when your CDs are ready to mature.

How do I set up notifications/alerts in FCU Anywhere?
To receive or change notifications, update your account settings: 

  • On a desktop computer, click the arrow to the right of your username. 
  • On mobile, navigate to the More tab, then select Alerts beneath the widgets listing.
  • Once in Settings, select Alerts. Then choose your preferences from the various alert categories.

How do I access eStatements in FCU Anywhere?

Make the switch to paperless to view your account summary safely and conveniently on your device. Access your statements using the eStatements widget in FCU Anywhere.

Ensuring the privacy and security of your account and personal information is a top priority for Florida Credit Union.

We have designed and installed layers of security to protect your account information, as well as your devices. These include automatic sign-off, encryption, firewalls and password lockout.

You can be assured of our site’s security by checking to see the “https:” in our URL; the “s” signifies a secure site. You can also check for the padlock on the Status Bar.

When you set up online banking, you'll be asked to enter a temporary verification code. Once entered, your account is protected with Multi-Factor Authentication.

Remember to log-off at the end of each Online Banking session. We recommend clearing your cache and history files after you log off.

Please read our security page for a more in-depth description of our security features.

Frequently Asked Questions



I can't remember my password. What should I do?

If you don’t know your password, enter your username and then select the Forgot Password? link. From there, follow the instructions provided. If you're locked out, please call toll free 1-800-284-1144 during normal business hours or visit any Florida Credit Union branch for assistance.

How do I change my password in FCU Anywhere?

To change your password, you must first log in, then click the drop-down arrow next to your name in your account. 

From the Settings menu, select the Security tab and click the pencil tool next to password.  Enter your current password in the Current Password field and your new password in the New Password and Confirm Password fields. Select Save Changes to finalize your changes.


Is my account information secure through Online Banking?

Ensuring your privacy, security, and personal information is a top priority. No member information is accessible to the public through our web server. FCU Anywhere Online Banking requires both your correct username and password to access account information.

Remember to log-off at the end of each Online Banking session. We recommend clearing your cache and history files after you log off.

For more information, please read our security page for a more in-depth description of our security features.

Can I bookmark online banking?

For security purposes, we suggest you bookmark Florida Credit Union's home page rather than the online banking page.


Login and Use

I am receiving an Incorrect or Invalid Login message. What can I do?

Many factors could be causing this. First, verify that your username is entered correctly.

Also, keep in mind your password is case-sensitive. If you entered your password in lowercase, try it again in uppercase, or vice-versa.

If you have tried unsuccessfully more than three times, it is possible your Online Banking account is locked (this is one of our many security features designed to prevent fraud). If you suspect this may have happened, please contact us immediately by phone 1-800- 284-1144 or visit your local branch.


I am logged out of online banking after I have been using it for a while. Why is this happening?

Each user session is limited to 20 minutes to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your account. After 20 minutes, Online Banking ends your session by logging you out and returning to the login screen. 


Which web browsers support online banking?

The two most recent versions of these browsers are supported:

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Chrome for Android
  • Mobile Safari for iOS


Will I receive a receipt for my Online Banking transactions?

No. However, you can print your own record of transactions if you have access to a printer.

How much of my account history can I view in FCU Anywhere?

Account history from December 2018 to present day can be viewed from your transaction ledger. For history prior to December 2018, please visit eStatements to review your account statements, which are available from account opening to present day.  

How can I print my account history?

Select the blue printer icon to print your account history.

What if I have other questions or problems?
Please contact us

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