Security Alert 1/12/2023

A fradulent ad is running in Google encouraging Florida Credit Union members to enter their login credentials.  Please do not login using this link! We are working to address this issue. Your financial security is our top priority.





How to Report Fraud

alert messageContact FCU about fraud messages

FCU will never ask for your complete account number, PIN, CVV code, FCU Anywhere Digital Banking credentials (password, username or one time pin) or full social security number in a text or email. If you receive a message asking for that kind of information, do not engage!

For FCU Debit and Credit cardholders, our VISA Fraud text messages do not contain a website link, it will provide our Cardholder Fraud Support Number (833-978-3929). Text messages will not originate from this support number. We will not ask for cardholder information such as card number, account number, one time pin, PIN, CVV code, expiration date and FCU Anywhere Digital Banking credentials through these communications.

When you call into FCU we will follow our standard member verification process.  

The FCU Fraud Department has received multiple reports from members stating that they are receiving text messages and phone calls from individuals impersonating FCU.  Scammers are clever and deceptive and they will trick you into giving them your personal information.


When you get an unexpected text that claims to be from FCU or another financial institution and it includes a link, do not click it.

Here are a few examples:



Note that all the links included in the fraudulent texts have a variation of FCU’s name. That is how the scammers can trick you into believing it is legitimate.

How to enhance your Account Security

  • Always make sure your contact information with FCU is accurate and up to date
  • Set up Account Alerts to be notified of transfers and account balances
  • FCU recommends using Authenticator App Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) within FCU Anywhere Digital Banking
    • Upon logging in, go to the Security Tab within Settings to enable
    • Please follow steps to enable
  • Follow good password best practices a described in the video below:

web part


Additional resources regarding types of scams:

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