Florida Credit Union Fee Schedule

If you're interested in taking advantage of any Florida Credit Union personal, business or general services, keep in mind these fees will apply. Effective 2/1/2023.

Account Services Account Details
ATM Card Replacement $5.00
ATM Usage Fee (Unlimited with $2,500 on deposit) 8 free per month, $1.00 thereafter
Minimum Balance Fee – Savings $5.00 | waived with a $300 combined deposit balance or active loan or checking
Paper Statement Fee $3/month of FREE with e-Statement
Excessive Days Negative $25/day after 15 calendar days negative
Bill Pay Next Day Payment $14.95
Bounce Free Protection Fee $29.00 per presentment
Loan Payment Chargeback Fee $15.00/per presentment | One (1) occurrence free per year
Check (Debit) Card Replacement (Damaged or Stolen) $10.00
Check (Debit) Card Replacement (Lost)


Check (Debit) Card Replacement Express/Priority Shipping $15.00
Check Cashing Fee (No Charge with $1,000 on deposit or loan)


Non-Member Check Cashing Fee $5/check
Check Copies (free through home banking) $5/copy
Check Printing (Ordering) $15 and Up (depending on checks selected)
Early Account Closure Fee (if closed within 6 months) $20.00
Excessive Savings Withdrawal Fee (No charge with $1,000 deposit)

2 free, $2.00 thereafter

Inactive Account Fee $15/month
Inactive Checking Fee $15/month
NSF Chargeback Fee $15.00/per presentment | One (1) occurrence free per year
NSF Fee (Insufficient Funds) $29.00/per presentment
P2P One (1) Day Delivery $5.00
P2P Request Funds $1.00
Research/Account Assistance $50/hour
Sales Draft Copy $5/item
Stop Payments $35.00
Temporary Checks $2/set of 4 checks
Transfer Fee (free with home banking) $5.00
General Services Account Details
Bad Address Fee $15/month
Cashier's Check $7/item
Coin Processing Fee 7% of amount processed or free with membership
Deposit Verification $25.00
Foreign Item Collection Fee $5.00
Garnishments, Levies $100.00
History Printout $5/page
Wire Transfer, Incoming Domestic $15
Wire Transfer, Incoming International $35
Wire Transfer, Outgoing Domestic $25
Money Orders $7/item
Notary $5.00
Photocopies $1.50/page
POS Transactions No Charge
Replacement Check Fee $15.00
Safe Deposit Boxes

$35.00/per year - 3x5
$45.00/per year - 5x5
$55.00/per year - 3x10
$70.00/per year - 5x10
$90.00/per year - 10x10

Signature Guarantee $20.00
Statement Copies (free through home banking) $5/page
Wire Trace $25.00
Visa Gift Card $2.95
Business Services Account Details
Check/Withdrawals 225 free, $0.05 thereafter
Coin Request $0.10/roll
Currency Request $0.40/strap
Deposit Carriers 10 free, $0.25 thereafter
Deposits 225 free, $0.10 thereafter
Item Processing 225 free, $0.05 thereafter
Night Deposit Key 2 free, $5.00 thereafter
Strapped Cash Deposits $0.50 each
Wire Transfer, Outgoing International ($1,000 min) $50.00

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