5 Discounts Every Student Should Cash In On

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By: FCU Team

Between astronomical tuition bills, rising prices of textbooks, foods costs, and supplies, being a college student is not cheap. Lucky for you, there are loads of companies out there that think you deserve a budgeting break! Here are five of the best student discounts out there:

1. Amazon

Amazon has it all – textbooks, supplies, gadgets, you name it! But who wants to shell out a hundred bucks a year to reap the benefits of Amazon Prime? Fortunately, Amazon Student offers all the perks of Amazon Prime for just $49 a year, which includes the ultimate perk: free 2-day shipping.

You can try out Amazon Student completely FREE for a full six months and when your six months are up, Amazon will ask if you want to join the student program at just $49 a year. All you need to cash in on this deal is a valid .edu email address.

2. Spotify

You need your favorite tunes at your fingertips when diving into a long study session, but those Spotify ads take “annoying” to a whole new level. And, let’s be real, 10 bucks for premium might actually break the bank some months. The good news is Spotify Premium is only $4.99 a month for students!

Once you’ve verified that you’re currently enrolled in a school and attending classes, hellooooo ad-free jam sessions!

Update: Spotify has teamed up with HULU to offer premium music streaming and limited commercials on the HULU platform,  for only $4.99. BUT WAIT, theres more! For a limited time, they're offering FREE showtime!

3. Microsoft Office

Are you tired of traveling to the library to write a paper when you could be doing it from the comfort of your room?  As a college student, you can download Microsoft Office Suite for free! Just log onto Microsoft’s webpage and input your valid student email address to download Office 365, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. And the best part? It’s not a free trial – once you’ve downloaded Office, the program is yours to keep.

4. Adobe

Are you pursuing a career in graphic design? Want to learn how to navigate Photoshop? Do you just want to give your Instagram photos a little extra “umph”?! Well It just got easier…and cheaper for you! Adobe offers eligible students access to Lightroom and Photoshop for just $9.99 a month.

5. Amtrak

Traveling home for the holidays and summer break can get expensive. Choose Amtrak for your next visit home and save big!

The company runs through 46 states, making them a super-convenient choice for those who’d rather not break the bank for a few frequent flyer miles. You can save up to $155 on every Amtrak trip you take, as long as you’ve got a valid student ID. Don't forget to book your trip three days in advance and to bring your ID.

Your Turn: What’s your favorite student discount hack? Share it with us in the comments!