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Teach kids to get a financial head start.

  • Transfer money to youth accounts.
  • Manage allowances.
  • Reward for chores and good grades.
  • Loan children money with interest and payment plans.
  • Set parental controls on debit cards.

Smart money habits start at home, and with FCU FAM®, we’re making learning about personal finances simple, fun and rewarding. As part of FCU Anywhere online and mobile banking, FCU FAM® lets parents quickly and conveniently transfer money into youth accounts, whether it’s for a weekly allowance or a reward for straight As. Plus, “parent loans” make it possible for kids to manage bigger purchases while teaching them to pay back money borrowed on time and with interest. It’s all inside FCU FAM®!

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Easily transfer money to your kids’ accounts.

Teach kids about managing their money and responsible spending. Through FCU FAM®, your kids can request money and submit for your approval. If you agree to send over funds, the money will be instantly available in their account — simple as that!


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Reward kids for chores and good grades.

Show children how hard work pays off by rewarding them for completing chores around the house or bringing home an impressive report card! Assign chores and review them once completed or have kids take a picture of their report card and upload it to the app, then pay little ones for their efforts with an instant transfer to their account.


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Loan kids money and set up payment terms.

Give your kids lessons on borrowing money, loan interest and paying back what they owe. With parent loans, kids can borrow a specific sum and pay it back over time with interest. You set the payment frequency and interest rate, and they’ll receive reminders when their payments are due. At the end of their loan term, you can choose to reimburse your child’s interest payments as a reward for good financial management.


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Give kids access to endless learning.

Learning about money isn’t a one-and-done process — it’s a lifelong journey. Encourage your kids to learn about budgeting and saving by giving them a tool to help them make smart money decisions as they grow up.


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Set parental controls on kids’ debit cards.

Teaching kids about money is one thing. Ensuring they’re staying on track is another. To keep kids going in the right direction, you can set parental controls on their youth account debit cards and keep their daily spending under a specific amount.

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Where can I find more learning resources for my kids?

Parents want their kids to know the value of money and how to use it responsibly.  Help your kids get a handle on money basics through interactive education in our Financial Success Center. Learning now can reap benefits later! 

Florida Credit Union protects the information privacy of our younger members. We do not knowingly collect, maintain, or use personal information about children under age 13 from our website. If a person sends personal information to us through any online service and identifies himself or herself as being under the age of 13, we will only use that information to respond directly to that child or to notify the parents. We will not retain such information unless we obtain parental consent.

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